Safety guidelines

In case of eye contact/swallowing

Just like all cosmetics, HiPP Babysanft products are non-toxic. Nevertheless, they are not suitable as toys for children. Please do not let your child play with cosmetic products (unattended). Make sure that you keep products closed and out of reach of your child.

What to do if something does happen:

1. Try to calm your child (if necessary) by being calm yourself. Your calmness will transfer to your child.

2. If a cosmetic product gets in your child’s eyes, try to thoroughly rinse the eye(s) with clear, lukewarm water (e.g. pour out of a jug).

3. If your child swallows a cosmetic product:

  • Try to rinse your child’s mouth out with clear water.
  • Give your child a glass of (still!) water to drink.
  • Do not induce vomiting. Do not give your child milk or salt water to drink.
  • If your child vomits, please hold the child so the head is lower than the stomach.

4. If irritation and symptoms continue, or for peace of mind, you can contact the Poison Control Centre or a doctor (eye specialist).

Inquire at the responsible Poison Control Centre (PCC) about the best possible treatment.

PCCs are available around the clock.