HiPP organic quality

Organic – the best for your little one

Our children need healthy food that tastes great and doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients. Parents know they can rely on HiPP for a product range that is developed to the best principles of nutrition science; meals exactly suited for your little one’s age and the most stringent organic quality checks. This is why we pay so much attention to the raw materials and ingredients we use: the soil is carefully selected, the seeds are untreated and all our fruit and vegetables are given time to ripen slowly so that their flavour can develop.

Interview on the HiPP Organic Seal

The trend towards organic produce is booming. But is organic food really a guarantee for healthy nutrition?
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Vegetable Farming

​HiPP’s organic vegetables grown in a completely natural way with- out the use of chemically synthesised sprays and fertilisers.
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HiPP organic fruit: our best ones for your baby
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​Organic Milk

​​​Milk coming from farms which work strictly according to the rules of organic farming.
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​​Animal Welfare

​​In accordance with their natural behaviour and their habitat..
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​​Fish from sustainable fishing

​The fish for HiPP come exclusively from sustainable, MSC-certified fishing and organic aquaculture.
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Quality Control​

​Prime quality by applying a close-meshed control network.
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Sustainable Packaging​

​​HiPP makes every possible effort to cut the use of packaging material down to a minimum and to preserve ressources.
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