How to make milk formula?

When preparing formula milk, we must always follow the instructions on the packaging. Different types of formula milk might have different preparation methods.  To secure good digestibility and getting the right nutrition, it is important for us to follow the indicated milk powder and water amount. Too much water may not meet the nutritional needs; too little water may cause the child’s  kidneys and digestive system to work too hard and may cause dehydration. Moreover, you should follow some hygiene rules: 

  • Wash your hands well before milk preparation
  • Clean and sanitize the workspace before preparing the milk.
  • Clean and sanitize the bottles. Prepare the milk bottle immediately before feeding and not ahead of time.
  • Always boil the water that you mix the formula with.

Can you prepare milk formula in advance?

Experts recommend preparing a fresh formula feed when your child needs it to avoid bacteria growing in milk formula when it’s stored. Bacteria can grow even if that’s in the fridge.

Can I store milk formula in the fridge?

For the milk powder, once the lid is opened, you can store it in a cool, dry place with the airtight lid. Do not store it in the refrigerator.
If the baby did not drink the prepared formula milk within 2 hours, immediately store the bottle in the fridge and must use it within 24 hours.

Can you store powdered formula in tupperware?

Yes, you can store your child’s powdered formula in air tight container as long as the lid is airtight.