Milk Formula

When should I change from one feeding stage to the next? From what age can my child drink cow’s milk?

Changing to a different formula or food is possible – but not a necessity. Your child is provided with all important nutrients by HiPP JUNIOR Growing-up Milk Formula. It is just crucial that your child is happy and full with the chosen formula. Changing to a different milk formula will not present a problem, however. Provided, of course that the age and feeding recommendations are adhered to.

When your child is older, experts recommend growing-up milk for breakfast, on muesli or as a drink consumed from a cup. It provides your child with important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy growth. It has a reduced protein content that is child-appropriate.

How long can milk formula be given?

When your child is older than a year, they should drink milk as part of a meal. HiPP JUNIOR Organic Growing-up Milk for above 1 year is perfectly suitable. It is adapted to the dietary needs of toddlers and is best served as part of a meal instead of cow’s milk: e.g. with a sandwich or in muesli or just as a drink consumed from a cup for in between meals. Please remember that latest at the beginning of the second year, milk and other liquids should be drunk from a cup. This way your child is encouraged to learn new skills, constant sucking will be avoided and their teeth are protected against tooth decay.