Sipping Cup & storage

Even though we only use selected ingredients, the long path to premium quality follows a tight quality control regime...

How hot does the water have to be in order to dissolve the milk powder? 

Do not mix the powder with boiling water, so as not to damage the vitamins. Use boiled water that has cooled to 40 – 50°C.
The Milk Formula dissolve easiest at this temperature. In order to reach the desired 40 – 50°C, place a measuring jug containing freshly boiled water in cold water for a few minutes.

How can I determine the correct drinking temperature?

Drinking temperature can be tested on the back of your hand: put a few drops of milk formula on the back of your hand. The temperature of the milk should feel pleasantly warm.

Can I prepare milk formula in the microwave?

If the formula is prepared according to the instructions on the packet, it is not necessary to warm it in the microwave, as it already is at the perfect drinking temperature.

Can I keep already prepared milk formula warm?

Ready prepared milk formula should be fed straight away for hygienic reasons. If your little one cannot finish straight away, please prepare a fresh one later.


Please pay careful attention to the instructions when preparing milk formula. Incorrect preparation or storing a prepared milk formula for a longer period of time can be harmful to health, eg. due to undesired bacterial growth. For this reason, always prepare the formula from scratch before every meal and feed immediately.

Do not re-use leftovers. Clean feeding utensils thoroughly. Close the opened can tightly after every use, store in a dry place at room temperature (max. 25 °C) and use up within 3 weeks. Please do not warm up milk formula in the microwave oven (danger of scalding).


The contents of an opened milk formula pack should be used within 3 weeks to ensure its freshness. Milk formula should generally be kept cool (at room temperature), dry and not next to strong smelling substances or foods.