In the first stages of life, the skin is the little one’s most important sensory organ. Love and loving care are experienced mostly through the skin.

Besides your little one’s diet, caring for your little one will occupy the largest part of your day. Changing diapers, washing and bathing does not only serve the purpose of cleansing, but is also the time for lovingly cuddling, talking and singing.

Enjoy this special time!

HiPP Organic Almond Oil

Mild skin care from HiPP with organic almond oil. The classic skin care ingredient.

Your little one’s skin

Your little one’s skin is five times thinner than that of an adult. At the same time the top skin layer has a looser structure and is less resistant....

Frequently asked questions at the dermatologist’s clinic

Answered by Dr. Christina Schnopp in a scientific interview.

Care for skin prone to neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is the most common skin disease in childhood and has increased five-fold over the last 50 years...

Bathing & Washing

Most children love bath time and are in their element in comfortably warm water...

Care & Cream

Your little ones need all your love. Show them this love through skin care too...

For the whole family

Because in HiPP Babysanft you’ll find our best ingredients, and it’s the best choice for grown-ups too...

In case of eye contact and swallowing

HiPP Babysanft products are, as with all cosmetic products, non-toxic. Nevertheless, cosmetics are not suitable toys for children.