HiPP – an expert in paediatric nutrition – was founded more than 120 years ago


Since then, the company has become an established German paediatric nutrition and milk formula manufacturer that markets to countries all around the world. As a pioneer of organic farming and one of the world’s largest processors of organic raw materials, HiPP is aware of its special responsibility towards future generations and committed to producing premium quality nutritional products for children. Every little thing matters, that’s why HiPP guarantees that every product has premium organic quality and is free from substances to which children should not be exposed. To ensure the safety of all products, they are checked for over 1,200 possible residues. Only through very strict quality controls, from the raw materials right up to the finished product, we can make our products as safe as possible for you and your child.

HiPP – an overview

The HiPP company has been a by-word for the conscious and sensitive handling of nature, humanity and business for over six decades. You can find all the information about the company here.