The origin of our organic milk

Where does our organic milk come from?

The milk only comes from farms with strict organic farming

HiPP only uses milk from farms that keep strictly to the regulations of organic farming. The cows are kept in appropriate conditions according to the species and graze for more than 200 days a year on natural meadows that are farmed without mineral fertilisers or chemical-synthetic sprays. This natural feeding of the animals with grass, hay or grain guarantees the premium organic quality, from which our nutritious, healthy milk originates. That’s what makes the organic milk so valuable for HiPP milk formula.

HiPP organic milk is strictly controlled

All this is continuously checked by independent control institutes. In addition to this, HiPP controls all products in their own lab tests, which are even stricter than the legislative authorities stipulate. This guarantees that only premium quality organic milk is used for your child.