HiPP organic quality

Organic – the best for your little one

Our children need healthy food that tastes great and doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients. Parents know they can rely on HiPP for a product range that is developed to the best principles of nutrition science; meals exactly suited for your little one’s age and the most stringent organic quality checks. This is why we pay so much attention to the raw materials and ingredients we use: the soil is carefully selected, the seeds are untreated and all our fruit and vegetables are given time to ripen slowly so that their flavour can develop.

260 safety checks

Even more stringent, precise and reliable: parents can put their full trust in the HiPP Organic Seal. Every single jar goes through more than 260 safety checks (including checks by independent test institutes) to provide you with guaranteed safety. In doing so, HiPP goes far beyond the statutory requirements and international rules on organic farming. This applies for everything from cereal grains to peas, and from milk to apples. Our HiPP experts work together very closely with the organic farms where our ingredients are produced; starting with the choice of cultivation land, soils and seed. This special care and attention continues through the growing process all the way to the harvest and delivery: only when laboratory tests prove the food is perfect are the ingredients released for processing. The result of all this effort is high quality organic food for children which has passed the toughest residue checks."I vouch for this with my name", Claus Hipp is quoted as saying on the HiPP Organic Seal; with continuous monitoring of quality parameters, HiPP ensures that parents can absolutely rely on his promise.