Eco-balance outputs


Thanks to consistent waste separation, over 97% of accumulated waste at HiPP is recycled.

Complete thermal insulation and solar collectors on one of HiPP’s office buildings.

Yearly CO2 savings potential at HiPP

Due to an extensive range of measures, the factory’s yearly emissions have been considerably reduced:

The connection to the city’s biomass cogeneration plant, energy production through solar and biogas plants, the acquisition of green energy from hydroelectric power plants as well as switching to environmental-friendly technologies with our fleet, have caused the company’s CO2 emissions in 2011 to be reduced by almost 90% per produced ton compared to 2000.

SystemCO2 -saving in 2013
in comparison to 2000
Biomass cogeneration plant 9.846 to
Electricity from 100% hydro power 4.170 to
Total saving14.016 to